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Interventions Santa Ana

In Need of an Intervention in Santa Ana

Know someone who is addicted to drug or alcohol? Addicts tend to put their substance abuse problems before their relationships and hobbies, often times ruining their connections with both. If you have already pointed this out to loved one who is having a hard time dealing with addiction and got nowhere, maybe it is time to hold an intervention. A Better Today recommends staging an intervention for a loved one who is not realizing the damage their addiction is doing to them and those involved in their life. Sometimes an addict thinks they are only hurting themselves which is why an intervention can wake up the addict to the fact that their substance abuse problem is hurting their relationships with friends and family. An addict is also more likely to go into recovery if they know they have support from those close to them. It is possible you loved one is not asking for help with their addiction because they feel they have let you down. Make sure you show them support if they are ready to get help with battling their addiction.

What Should Be the Tone for an Intervention?

The atmosphere or tone for an intervention has to be concerning and serious, but at the same time assertive. Let the addict know that everyone has gathered together to express their concern because they care about the addict and are scared about the direction he or she is heading. It is also important to not be judgmental towards the addict. The addict will probably be a little embarrassed and if he or she feel like they are being judged it will cause them to shut out the concerns of others, making for a failed intervention. Other addicts might be in denial right off the bat, claiming they do not have a problem and if they do, that it is only bad for them and no one else. Use the intervention as a wake up to the addict, show them specific examples of how their drug or alcohol use has effected relationships within the past few weeks. Once it feels real to the addict they will realize they are losing touch with family and close friends. If that is realized, it should urge the addict to enter recovery treatment.

Where Can I Learn How to Stage a Successful Intervention?

A Better Today has all the information you need to obtain in order to hold an eye-opening intervention for your loved one who is suffering from addiction. Reach out to us to ask about the best way to go about planning an intervention. Call (714)450-6947 to get all the ins and outs about how to prove to your loved one that their addiction is taking its toll on everyone around them. We will educate you on the who, what, where, when, why and how an intervention can lead your loved one to wanting to seek help with their addiction.