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Addiction Treatment Santa Ana

A Better Today Can Help You with Your Addiction, Even in Santa Ana

Drugs and alcohol can ruin your life within days if you are not careful. After a while, it can get to the point where your will power is no longer enough to say no to the substances you are addicted to. Addiction rewires your brain so that your body cannot function unless you consume the drugs and alcohol you are used to abusing. Once addiction has fully sunk in, an addict chooses getting wasted over all other hobbies and basic instincts like eating and sleeping. The chemical changes that addiction makes to the brain is what makes it a disease. A Better Today understands how and why addiction can change your brain waves making it easier for us to help you get clean. Our staff uses modern treatment methods to give you the highest quality of care. You have suffered long enough, let us help you get clean. Start today by calling (714)450-6947

How Addiction Can Be Dangerous

Addicts become be physiologically or psychologically addicted their substance of choice. The dependency developed to those drugs or alcohol are a huge hazard to your health. The carvings for those substances are always present, no matter how often or how much is abused. These dependencies are created when the user consumes these chemicals over a consistent period of time. The user’s brain then becomes confused and thinks it need those drugs or alcohol in order to function. For instance, when an addict stops using their drug of choice, their brain will no longer create the feel good chemicals independently. Psychological dependence refers to the perceived craving for a substance because it causes pleasure for the rest of the body. People can also turn out to be psychologically addicted to other potential harmful activities such as gambling, sex or pornography. It’s important to not forget that addiction is just as much mental as it is physical.

Taking the First Step Toward Addiction Treatment

Getting an understanding of addiction treatment is a great first step in the direction towards recovery. You can save your life and turn your situation around now by getting help in beating your addiction. A Better Today is willing to fight with you every step of the way. We know addiction is a harmful disease that can grab a hold and control anyone’s life. That is why our dedicated staff will help you through your addiction treatment. From the intervention to the detox process and through your rehab stint, we will guide you toward a cleaning living. Get your life back on track now, call (714)450-6947 to speak with a representative about how to start.